For our production requirements, we have the following cutting machines:

– Machine for waterjet cutting FLOW Mach2

– Band saw cutting (Pegas, Meba)

– Plasma and gas cutting machine


Machining on CNC vertical machining centers:

– Milling on machining centers up to 4000x1200x2000 mm

Vertical machining centers: Hurco VMX 24t (2010 and 2011)

Deckel FP 5 NC, , Mazak VTC 300 (2013.),

Mazak VSC 530C (2014.) and MTE BF 4200 (2015.) – 5 sides milling machine.

Horizontal machining center Mazak HCN 5000 (2015.) and

Mazak HCN 4000 (2017).



Turning on classical machines:

– Flanges up to Ø950 mm

– Axes up to Ø600×1500 mm

Turning on CNC machines:

– Machining dimensions up to Ø350×1000

Machines for CNC turning:

HAAS SL20 (2007.),

Mazak QSM200M (2014.) and Mazak QSM 350M (2014.)


On our disposal, we also have CNC press for bending
Prima Power . Maximum thickness of bending is 6mm, and length 3000mm.


We have state-of-the-art welding equipment following procedures MIG/MAG and TIG.
Welding is performed by five licensed welders and the company owns  EN 3834-2 and EN 1090 certificates.


All the elements that have been produced exclusively in our company, as well as the parts delivered to us by the customer, the parts that are incorporated in the produced parts are assembled in compliance with the buyer’s demands and eventually delivered to the buyers as a complete product. We are able to offer mechanical as well as the simple electrical assembling like building of the cabels, connecting with the engies, control units, sensors etc.


We organise transport of exclusively our products upto 1.5 t of load capacity which is carried out by our transportation vehicles and in such a occasion we guarantee quicker, more expeditious and safer delivery of buyers’ orders to designated addresses.

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