Medena Commerce was founded in 1993, its original activity was trade. In 1995, the idea of starting a metalworking and overhaul workshop was born. In 1998, the production of metal parts was started with the construction of the first production plant.


From the very foundation, and especially today, strengthened by our young team, we are focused on constant growth and development, following trends in the metal industry and implementing new technologies in metal processing.

Basic values

Respect, professionalism, perseverance. These are the basic values that define us and guide us in our daily work and the way we do business.


The long-term experience of our senior colleagues supported by young generations is a perfect combination for the transfer of knowledge and experience that makes us an invaluable and productive partner for our clients.


Proven performance, efficient and flexible operations, the struggle for continuous improvement of business processes, investment in state-of-the-art technologies and continuous education of employees set us apart from our competitors.


We are particularly focused on quality, our clients can be confident that the projects will be flawlessly completed and that the delivered products will be of the highest quality.

Prospective staff

The average age of employees is 31 years, which speaks volumes about our commitment to employ young and promising staff.


Our network of business partners consists of buyers and suppliers from more than 10 European countries.
We are fully export-oriented, which means that we export our products mainly to Europe, while we purchase raw materials for production both on the domestic and foreign markets.